Two words. Pop. Art. Or one. Popart. Or another two. Lady. Gaga. Or just ale alejandeeerrrooooo.

A more elaborate commentary might pop up later when I get a hold of myself.


So the video starts by feeling kind of like a photo shoot. The outfits, the colors, everything pretty much makes me think that if I’d pick up a still every other second through out the whole video, I’d probably have a spread for Vogue Magazine. After that it’s impression after impression after impression, it’s hard to keep track of all the details. I’ve managed to see the video twice (youtube is pretty much on overload at this point) and am still pretty sure I still haven’t got the whole thing. Nazi-references, suppression, Madonna (Like a prayer, Evita and Vogue, anyone?), religion, sex, war, homoeroticism…

This piece is a lot darker than the before released videos of Gaga. In the same way, it’s quite a lot stronger somehow. As mentioned by Tamar Anitai Gaga did say that this was to be a celebration of her appreciation and love for the gay community. And what tremendous love she gives. Gaga really isn’t going anywhere.


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