if a horror movie would take place in an airport

.. it would definitely be Moscow Sheremetyevo. I’ve had nightmares about that place. The ground crew is rude, nonchalant or perhaps just ignorant. The airport is medieval, information is lacking and there is a very, very, very small amount of English spoken amongst the employees. At least the ones who had the decency to address me when I was there.

In 1989, when my mami came to Sweden with my sisters they flew with Aeroflot and made a stopover (amongst many) in Moscow. They were treated really badly, and ended up having to sleep on the floor of the airport. Last I was there I honestly thought, for a full ten minutes, that I had missed my flight. Because they changed the gate without announcing it (at least not in English) and no one had any idea where you could find one of those boards with the gate info on.

It’s sad to see that not much has changed since ’89.

Nevertheless, I’ll be spending a full five hours on Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport on the 12th of August. If anyone would like to wave at me or more preferably come and hold my hand, be my guest. Then it’s off to the melting pot (which probably is going to be a real hot pot by then) and time for weddings and orientations and other memorable things.

Life, you better bring it.

A bit more pleasant of an airport. Even though I wasn’t really supposed to take pictures. Naughty.


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