thoughts on leaving


I don’t know how many times I’ve complained about making them. Or actually, I’ve kind of stopped lately. I just don’t make decisions anymore. I just do stuff, when I feel like it, the way I feel like it. Which is great, except it’s not always about what color nailpolish to brush on.

I need to decide when exactly I’m leaving my so called life as I know it. How’s that for a decision?

Bye bye hometown life. Me by Sigrid.

Hello big city life. Me by Morten.

I promise I won’t go back to that horrid hair though. It still puzzles me how it went from coalblack to redish brown from a month in Beijing. Anyway, in case it’s unclear to some, I’m moving to Hong Kong. Yup. It feels weird actually saying it. It just dawned on me that I’m actually moving, as in not coming back in a really long time. Oh snap.

I’m doing it. No question. Because it’s what my gut tells me to do. And everyone who knows me, knows that I’m a lady of the gut. Not the heart, not the mind. After mistakes made, I learned that the gut is the golden in between. What I really want to do. It’s written in stone. HK is going to be immense. I’m going to learn new things, while doing stuff I love, in a city I adore, (in abundance) surrounded by the most inspiring subjects imaginable – people.

So here’s the tricky part. Departure on
A) August 3rd from Stockholm (+ ticket not too expensive, minor chance to see FC Barcelona in HK, – pretty fucking early)
B) August 6th from Copenhagen (+minor chance to see FC Barcelona, a bit later, – pretty fucking expensive)
C) August 11th from Copenhagen (+ ticket not too expensive, perfect week before wedding, time to chill, – no chance to see FCB, short on time to travel and BLUH)

I’ll just embrace some good old escapism while sleeping on it.


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