j’aime manger du fromage et des baguettes

Surely, cleaning out your computer must count as cleaning your room, if your computer so happens to be in your room? Pretty much like cleaning your closet counts as cleaning your room because your closet is in your room. Right?

Well, I was hard at work looking through the old files on my MacBook. Poor thing is acting possessed these days, which might have something to do with the 11 000 images resting in my iPhoto library. Just might. So I thought I’d do something about it, and started flipping through the very oldest “happenings”. It was all good until I stumbled upon this.

Aah. Nantes -07. Spent four days there (school trip), staying with an utterly French and amazingly sweet host family. Above is the oven-baked french bread with camembert (or some other cheese with a fancy name) we had as an appetizer on my second evening there. What followed was my very first taste of canard, I believe. All cooked by the coolest French host father ever. All very magnifique.

Passez-moi la salade, s’il vous-plait? or something. My French is a bit rusty. As if it was ever shiny. Ha. Il est moche dans sa tête. Ha ha. Good times.

Now I’m starving and seriously considering tossing some garlic baguette into the oven whilst I finish cleaning my, ehrm, room. I’ll be damned if I do and be damned if I don’t.

Bonne nuit.


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