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July 12, 2010

summer lovin’, had me a blast

1. photo taken by waiter at Doc Italiano 2. José the BBQ master 3. Serena and I on the cute roads of Fyn 4. Vinci just had a shower but couldn’t care less 5. the boys travel in class 6. Smiley me captured by Sibel

It’s almost mid-July. The sun is shining, yesterday could not have been any hotter (some speak of some all-time record here in Sweden), the game yesterday could not have been more intense (if so, my tummy ache would’ve been far worse) and I couldn’t be any more at peace.

Sorry, that was a lie.

Still have a paper to hand in, still fighting a constant battle against my allergies, still have a presentation due Tuesday, still finding it hard to focus in this heat and I still can’t believe I’m off in exactly one month. Oh my, I sound like Dr. Dre

Just wanted to tell you that I, despite these facts, still am enjoying my time here. Which is partly to blame for the lazy posting.

Much love. And some Furia Roja ;)