Lost in time and space

Last days with never lost loves.

1. Walking it out during family badminton session 2. Nephew, moi and cousin making our very best cakefaces 3. The mobster family celebrating the “Godfather’s” 88th 4. My favorite party girl and moi fail miserably at posing 5. Bonsai comes and sees me off at the airport 6. Good old mother-daughter love.

I don’t quite know what time it is. Which is slightly annoying, as I’m supposed to catch a flight at some point. I’m currently cooking in the dwellings of Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. I forgot my awesome surgeon mask in my check-in luggage, but luckily it doesn’t seem to be needed after all. Or is it?

So far people seem nicer than I remember them being at the airport. I’ve spent so much time complaining about being bored that I actually (if I finally got the hour straight) should be hurrying off to check my gate. With my luck, it’s probably the wrong Sheremetyevo. Ah well. You’ll know if I’m stuck here, I promise.


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