I wish

I wish I didn’t have so much work due at the same time.
I wish I didn’t spend half of my time procrastinating.
I wish I could stop thinking about food all the time.
I wish I actually really cared as little as I claim to.
I wish I made the right decision.
I wish I didn’t talk so much.
I wish that wishing lantern hadn’t gone into flames.
I wish to stop wishing.

Yeah. I wish.


2 Comments to “I wish”

  1. i wish i didn’t have an exam on Wednesday
    i wish i was able to play my guitar properly
    i wish it wasn’t already getting dark outside at 5 pm
    i wish my books from amazon would arrive soon
    i wish time didn’t pass by so fast
    i wish i had found my perfect coat for winter already

  2. I had wished to know if there were others whose minds ran like mine. Thank you for making my wish come true. I wish for you much happiness and success in 2011, may my wish come true for you.

    Peace and Joy,

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