Food for thought

I’m hungry. And/or thinking of food. Seriously, this sentence would never have to be edited because it’s a close to constant state of mind of mine.

Other than that, I’ve got a bad sense of direction. I blame my hashtag constantly lost in life, as I was born in Sweden to Peruvian parents, grew up picking up a few random Arabic words and phrases, yet find myself speaking English most of the time as I now venture in Asia – more precisely Hong Kong.


I’m going to go very grade school on you and just list a bunch of things that I enjoy, just to lay it all out there and see if we’ve got any chance at chemistry.

Traveling. I mean, who doesn’t these days? Generation Z (ruh roh, did I just give away my age?) does not seize to un-amaze.
Singing. Loudly when I’m cleaning my room with the vacuum cleaner on, at KTV when I’m slightly intoxicated or walking to the library at 2-3AM when no one else in their right mind would. Still though.
Film. As most of my reading time is now occupied by piles of Foucault, Barthes and so on, my leisure ‘reading’ mostly goes to enjoying, analyzing and immersing myself into the world of cinematic experience. All artforms in one. Just. Wow.
Fashion. I wouldn’t say I really follow it religiously, but yes, I secretly wish I was one of those pretty girls or fabulous gays that get to sit front row at Proenza Schouler or Alexander Wang.
Food. Seriously, good food or good dessert (particularly when you’re hungry) is better than anything else, ever. Period.
Minding my business. When  I can, and my inner gossip girl/lazyass doesn’t take over.

Finally, I like to do things and seize opportunities without looking back. I’d like to believe… je ne regrette rien.


9 Comments to “Food for thought”

  1. yo tampoco ;)

  2. hello!My teacher,what a lot of places have you go.I am jealous!!hahaha

    • Hi Steven! I’m glad you’re interested in traveling, and sure you’ll get to do it someday too :) It is a great experience!

      Best regards,

  3. I love traveling too ^^ if I have lots of money to do so haha.

  4. she also says “whatever”

  5. there’s always that small annoying detail, isn’t there? haha. well hey, the posts on your blog make me travel far, far away in thought, so I’ll thank you for that (:

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