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July 25, 2012

I’m in Shanghai

…and I’ve developed a rather unhealthy obsession with Instagram, Frank Ocean and (a relapse) ice lemon tea over the last year or so. Just like, FYI.

Oh, and hi. It’s been a while.

@ The Shelter, Shanghai

October 13, 2010

weddings and that

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Chinese wedding about a month back. It was interesting, to say the least.

Not only was good old rice tossing replaced with colorful foam spraying, it was performed as an act of war between the bridesmaids and groomsmen. There were a lot of rockets going off, minor fireworks and in the end the four bridesmaids protecting the bride (me included) were coughing so hard from the smoke attack that we had to surrender and let the groom in to take away his bride.


As the day went on the lovely bride changed into her traditional Chinese dress (which I unfortunately didn’t get a good shot of due to stupid rain) and went around to houses in the groom’s neighborhood to light incense and other things as part of a buddhist ritual. She looked stunning in it indeed, but seemed quite stressed really. Unfortunately at that point I had to leave, so I actually missed out on the best part – the dinner. Though I was relieved to finally be able to jump into a shower and wash all the sticky glitter and confetti off me, I was slightly bummed out. Hai ah.

And again, here I am, all hungry >.<

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August 24, 2010


1. A reminder of the time spent at Yaya tea & Coffee in Huadu, but in Shunde 2. Dessert can’t be anything other than 雙皮奶 in Shunde really… 3. Certainly nothing but a map of Guangdong.

It’s pouring down outside. I’ve survived my first thunderstorm in HK. It was pretty alright. Was skating with Charlie at the time, so didn’t really take that much notice of it, except for the occasional disco light in my face. And then I forgot I was hungry (thanks Charlie!), and woah, would you look at the time.

Anyway, I’m about to hit the sack, and tonight’s dream topic will probably be all sorts of food. Nomnomnom.

August 24, 2010

the electric motorbike diaries

A few more chirps from the back of an electric motorbike in Shunde.

1. The lovely Nicole preppin our fighter for the ride 2. Some housing in the hood 3. Behind those trees hide nice stuff 4. Entering Bei Jiao town to begin our quest for a nail salon 5. Leaving Bei Jiao town in the nick of time after the full mani-pedi 6. Chasin storms

August 23, 2010

chirp chirp

The Great Firewall doesn’t allow birds to tweet and blog. So here are some chirps from the past week in Mainland China.

1. Budweiser (!) Chinese lanterns hanging on the trees along the Pearl River 2. Favorite place to eat on Luju Lu 3. Best bar on Bai E Tan street, just because Rose loves me so.

It was strange going back there, to all those familiar places. Things were almost the same, apart from the huge building sites along the river (the area is getting a face-lift, just like many other places before the Asian Games) and of course the fact that it’s August 2010 and not F/W 2009.

I remember when Anja, Sigrid and I sat on little benches not too far from our favorite Tsingtao-selling lady. How Sigrid bought her beloved 60th Anniversary fan (against my will) on Luju Lu on October 1st. How a small group of us gathered to watch the lovely fireworks from the riverside and got covered in little black bits of paper. Smelling the streetfood and holding a gag. Coming back for New Year’s Eve and feeling the love in AMIGO from around 20 other TTCers. “Doing a Lucero” the next day. Coming back time and time again during January, establishing our own little “apartment” with Oley, Christina and Eva.

Shit. Changes.

April 13, 2010

the ants go marching one by one

When I was teaching (English) in Shenzhen, China I had this brilliant idea for a lesson plan. I had this kids’ song on my computer – The ants go marching – and I thought it would be fun to teach the kids the song whilst practising numbers and positioning (one by one, two by two etc). First we went through the lyrics, then we got up and marched, and eventually we’d quickly reorganize ourselves according to the song. I tried this with my 3rd and 4th graders, and it was hilarious! Hearing them “sing” the song too was just hypnotizing. If there’s something my students knew how to do, it was marching. And be adorable.

Sometimes I’d like to go back and see them, just to say hello and hear those cute little voices chant “Good morning teacher!”

My lovely P3 class at SZOEC

March 22, 2010

Very dark

and very low-res (my camera battery is charging as I type), but here is some vague proof that I actually managed to put all the shit that was lying on my bed and around away before midnight. TEE HEE.

Oh and in case anyone forgot, wo ai zhong guo, here also in low-res.

March 3, 2010


So now you’ve got my whole China experience here on this blog. Well, almost. You know they say a picture is worth more than a thousand words?

Well then a picture+words = a fortune! For those of you interested, I’m planning on completing the posts with some short (however short I can make them…) recaps of the events they regard.

For those of you not, I’ll tell you this:

I had the most amazing, exciting, arousing, exhilarating, fun and crazy time of my life over there. I think crazy sums it up though. It’s been ups, loads of ups, and then your occasional down, but most of all it’s been living. Like, really, truly being alive. Being on my own for the very first time out there, in the big big world. Just being me. Me, me, me.

And no, I did not “find myself”. Hate that expression.

However, I did get to see amazing sights, meet interesting people, learn from an entirely different culture, make lifelong friends, be happy, be sad, try sleeping with a broken heart, party with the coolest people, drink for free, own the dancefloors, LMFAO, pour my heart out, sing in taxis, kiss a few, hug a bunch, love a lot and most of all live a fuck-load.

Wo ai zhong guo.

March 3, 2010

The one with the very last night out :(

March 3, 2010

… and of course the one with the three days in HK.