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May 24, 2010

carnival colors

As soothing as that may have been, 3 fucking hours to go through pictures and delete/crop/edit them is way too long for voluntary work. No place more comfortable for this than my lovely persian rug lying on the – you guessed it – floor. Meanwhile, this damn Devil’s cake managed to make its way to my tummy, and brought along a whole lot of milk with it. I feel violated.

Anyway. Enjoy a taste of my favorite part of carnivals…. COLOR.

As for my chopped up clothes and the intention of remaking the Max Azria piece, I had a flashback. 2004, crafts class, elementary school. Took a whole semester to make a pattern for a strapless dress and another semester to actually not make the dress. I blame the spinning chairs though, and not my ADD light…

In other words, I came to my senses.

May 22, 2010

impossible is nothing

Simply because I just found my camera charger. WHOOPIEDOO! Also, it was pretty much in the ‘nick of time as I will be covering the Copenhagen Carnival all day tomorrow, from the very colorful train on Strøget in the morning to the gracious performances in Fælledparken in the evening. I’ll just be a very professional-looking people watcher. A very pleased one too, as I’m going on my first proper photo spree for this summer. No more worrying about insufficient batteries. It might amaze and astound you that I managed to forget the charger at the very bottom of my China-backpack for almost four months now. Such confusion is totally unlike me…

Doesn’t matter. Nikki and I will now be reunited once again. The perfect finish to an imperfect summer day. I am indeed ridiculously happy at the moment. I even have this uncanny grin plastered on my face. But then that might also be partly due to my very conscious will to fall asleep on the floor…Ah, sleep.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be just across that bridge.

May 19, 2010

com uma força

I’m really not that into sports. At least not the team sports we were forced to do in P.E. class back in the day. Killerball, fieldhockey, handball, basketball… major yawn. I wasn’t a particularly athletic kid. Nor was I physically competitive. So I just put up with everything because of the power of compulsory exercise and did most things half-heartedly.

In the end I just learned to skip P.E. or “forget” my trainers at home. Or complain about the marvels that occur to a woman. You know.

But there’s another side to team sports that has always appealed to me. The cultural aspect of it all that makes it intriguing. I don’t like doing most sports but I actually quite enjoy watching some. Why?

Take for example the FIFA World Cup anno 1994. Sweden was digging gold in the USA (which by the way is the best Swedish football-related song EVER) and even though we didn’t quite make it, we got pretty bronze medals and a whole nation in euphoria. Everytime I hear that song I just think back and smile.

Okay, I was 3, but I do remember the song and can imagine the joy -.-

Point is, I love how football (in its only true form) gives people the sense of we and us. Not that I encourage hostility towards other nations, but I do encourage familiarity within one. Being a child of an ethnic background different from the country I’ve grown to know and love as my home, I have encountered some personal difficulties identyfing myself to one culture alone. Something as simple as being in a park watching a game live on a huuuge flat-screen TV along with hundreds or thousands of other people just makes it so easy.

Unless your team plays really shit and they don’t make the cut… But then you’ll just have to be a football enthusiast and actually know what good play is. Luckily, I’ve got that covered.

Henrik Larsson FIFA World Cup 1994 S.

Bring it on South Africa FIFA World Cup 2010! Waka waka!

May 13, 2010

i’ll tell you a secret

A SO lovely, beautiful-eyed, “Hawaiian”, head-scratching, adventurous, Chinese National Day-loving, adorable, banana plant-adoring, crazy, elbow-biting, loving, hilarious, Judy-quoting, fabulous, partner-in-crime and marvelous secret.

Bringing the very best moods of Norway, I give you …

Together we toured Guangdong, rocked a typhoon, got soaked in the pouring rain, discussed spit-drinking, rode rollercoasters in Ocean Park, practised our Danish language skills, danced on leaning streets in HK, got down with THE BAAAND, taught Chocolee some cool Scandinavian stuff, sarged, pissed ourselves laughing and then some…

Two months of crazyness account for endless stories and nostalgia trips and now we shall add another couple of days to the pile of nuts. Because there will be nutcases! Walnuts, nutella and coconuts (sans the casualties!)

We bring you little monkeys nuts, but not lost…


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May 9, 2010

beat beat beat

I’m 19 years old. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that before, but if you’ve been ambitious enough you might have read it under that which I got from my mama. Just to clarify.

This weekend ended up being a bit different from what was planned. Considering lack of fundings and shortage of energy due to the exhausting feeling that is boredom (quite ironic how boredom breeds more boredom, eh?) I’ve been rather unwilling to do anything spectacular. Ah…

Not that I’m bragging about a spectacular weekend that just passed. It was colorful, and quite interesting to say the least, but not really spectacular. That word is really only appropriate for things involving colorful plays with lots of exotic music and goofy dancing. And such things.

There was a night out, which made me realize how utterly damaged my party-gene is. Seriously, somebody needs to beat that somewhat reserved little pretty girl out of me, asap. I have no idea what she’s doing there, but she’s making it rather hard to enjoy her company, as well as others. I’m 19, damn it!

Last night I spent most of my time at Caporales DK’s masked party event which included delish food, spectacular (there you go!) shows, spicy music and a lot of rum. I was the official photographer, and acted solely as such.

No mask in the world could’ve hidden that there clearly is something very wrong with me…

April 24, 2010

Important about boobs

I’m sorry. I’ve been on a break. A break from most things internet. Except for twitter. Because that I have access to in my phone (@LuceViktoria). Actually, it’s mainly just facebook. Yeah, I know, I’m weak.

Anyway, this is a break from my break (or perhaps a full comeback, I don’t know) to deliver an important message.

Monday is a very special day. About 130 000 breasts are going to make the earth quake. Or at least that’s what muslim clerk Kazem Sedighi should be very afraid of.

“Many women who do not dress modestly … lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes.”

Wold YOU like to participate in this scientifical (?) experiment? More about it right here.

Boobquake! courtesy of BlagHag

April 14, 2010


I was just cleaning out my little celly, and found this

Secret Wars is a relatively new phenomena in my sphere of knowledge. I got an invitation on Facebook to this event, taking place March 27th at a SECRET location. How intriguing is that? The event ended up having just about 1000 attending (on the fb-list), which made it even more exciting. The very same day, all us attendees finally get an email from the group with location details. An abandoned warehouse close to the docks… Amazeballs.

The concept is basically battles between cities in caricature art. Apparently it’s some kind of European League, with our beloved city Malmö in the same group as Bristol, Warsaw and Glasgow. This time we managed to school Bristol good and we’re going head to head with Glasgow for the lead in our Group 1. Woop woop!

More about Secret Wars here.