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June 9, 2010

intense workouts

This should basically be me today. And any other day.

June 8, 2010

getting naked

Sort of. Am I alone in feeling extremely nude without earrings? Going out without earrings feels like I’ve just flashed the entire population. I actually usually have a pair of teeny tiny earrings for sleeping. In case I wake up in a hurry to go wherever and forget to grab a pair of earrings on my way out, I’m still comforted by the fact that at least I’m wearing something.

I also need rings to spin on my fingers, have to walk on the right-hand side of people and have to send mass-texts when something funny happens to me. Or tweet, as I do nowadays.

Now I’m off to Jersey Shore it. Yes, Sibel. I just blogged it. Ha!

June 8, 2010


Two words. Pop. Art. Or one. Popart. Or another two. Lady. Gaga. Or just ale alejandeeerrrooooo.

A more elaborate commentary might pop up later when I get a hold of myself.


So the video starts by feeling kind of like a photo shoot. The outfits, the colors, everything pretty much makes me think that if I’d pick up a still every other second through out the whole video, I’d probably have a spread for Vogue Magazine. After that it’s impression after impression after impression, it’s hard to keep track of all the details. I’ve managed to see the video twice (youtube is pretty much on overload at this point) and am still pretty sure I still haven’t got the whole thing. Nazi-references, suppression, Madonna (Like a prayer, Evita and Vogue, anyone?), religion, sex, war, homoeroticism…

This piece is a lot darker than the before released videos of Gaga. In the same way, it’s quite a lot stronger somehow. As mentioned by Tamar Anitai Gaga did say that this was to be a celebration of her appreciation and love for the gay community. And what tremendous love she gives. Gaga really isn’t going anywhere.

June 8, 2010

love them walls

I think I might have a wall-fetisch. Is that possible?

Good morning. I have this annoying feeling that I was supposed to do something fairly important today. But other than eagerly await the release of the major GagaKlein Alejandro, I have no clue what it could be… Hmm. Well, off to do some yoga now, hoping it’ll bring me some wisdom to guide me in my poor decision-making.

June 6, 2010

summer models

I figured I should get better at shooting people.

With a camera. Perhaps on drive bys. Who knows. They say practise make perfect. Kind of prepping for the BIG ONE. Have been asked to do the photography at a relative’s wedding end of July. I’ve never done such things before. Am kind of shit nervous about it. So I’ve selected some individuals I will be pestering before that.

They don’t really know it yet. Except for Da Vinci. He senses these things.

May 23, 2010

substitute my mood

I’d choose this over the crankypants any day. I’ll just go rip some clothes to pieces and try to sow the pieces together as beautifully as soon as I get home. Let’s see if I’ll put the results up later on…


May 17, 2010

mein liebe hair

I’m slightly obsessed with my hair. Ever since I first chopped my long hair for a Halloween party with FAME as a theme in 2007 (I was supposed to do Rihanna from the Umbrella video) it’s just gotten shorter and shorter. I’ve had all sorts of short hairstyles by now. Page, bob, asymmetrical page, asymmetrical bob, undercut, hawkie, shroom and then some. I just have an obsession with going to the hairdresser and feeling like a bran new person every time I come out of there. I just haven’t shaved it all off yet. Which I won’t. I think.

Anyway. Yesterday I went to my personal maintenance hairdresser (my cousin Ivonne) to trim it up. I’m currently sporting 5mm short sides and my longest strand of hair (strategically placed at the top of my head) is possibly around 15cm long. I’m doing another version of the hawkie. I’m taking it one step further than the undercut.


Screw Cassie and Alice Dellal. Actually, no, I adore Dellal, she works this look. But I’m planning to channel Sonya Tayeh. Kind of.


So my hair has an aim, and will hopefully stick with it ’til it’s achieved. I’ll keep you posted with the developments.

How important is hair to you?

May 14, 2010

pretty tough

When I was a kid I wanted to be a tough prima ballerina.

That was a lie. But I do now!


May 13, 2010


How much hairspray do I need to make my hair look like this?

Tiiu by Sarah Silver Vogue US 11/09

May 12, 2010


sleepy time.

Devon Aoki in Alexander Wang for Vogue Nippon