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June 8, 2010

getting naked

Sort of. Am I alone in feeling extremely nude without earrings? Going out without earrings feels like I’ve just flashed the entire population. I actually usually have a pair of teeny tiny earrings for sleeping. In case I wake up in a hurry to go wherever and forget to grab a pair of earrings on my way out, I’m still comforted by the fact that at least I’m wearing something.

I also need rings to spin on my fingers, have to walk on the right-hand side of people and have to send mass-texts when something funny happens to me. Or tweet, as I do nowadays.

Now I’m off to Jersey Shore it. Yes, Sibel. I just blogged it. Ha!

May 21, 2010

wake up in the morning feeling like…

well, it’s not P Diddy. How would I know what P Diddy feels like anyway? I wake up in the morning feeling like I probably could sleep a little more. But then I don’t. Like today. Woke up before 8, not by choice though, and have now come to realize that I didn’t have to cancel my yoga class. How silly? I’ll just have to do some yoga whilst I watch the exciting finale of Grey’s Anatomy. Yay!

Imma be changing my profile pic on facebook soon. Ha.

May 15, 2010

humor me

We’re making a quick stop at the super, getting some goodies and definitely not staying away from that bag of chips tonight. We’re watching Miyazaki loveliness and also possibly one of the (very few) reasons you might want to learn Swedish:

Ye…N…Wha… Shit!

May 14, 2010


So I’m a tv-narc. Kind of.

I haven’t actually watched TV since we moved away from our pretty central apartment in 2005. Our new house didn’t come with cable and with the death of dial-ups modems (I know, that was a long time ago), the constant development of faster wi-fi and everyone in the household owning a computer we all kind of forgot the importance of TV anyway. In stead we downloaded (I believe it wasn’t officially illegal back then) and nowadays we just stream. God I love streaming.

As many of my fellow tv-narcs may know, it’s that time of year now. When we say our heartfelt goodbyes to this past season of intrigues, action, madness, drama or whatever. It’s the last couple of weeks of drooling over the hotties, hating on the idiots, laughing at our cuties… and it’s time to get pushed off a cliff, and just hang there until fall is around the corner again.

Shows on my streaming list (I blame the availability of some, really)
Gossip Girl
Desperate Housewives
Vampire Diaries
America’s Next Top Model
Grey’s Anatomy
Family Guy

And now, since I’m lazy and didn’t cope well with the being out and about for long, I’m just going to kick back with a box of tissues (not ill… cough), try not to open that big bag of chips lying in the cupboard and watch the latest of the latest with pup snoring in the background. Oh and by the way, have you not heard?

It was my understanding that everyone had heard… that this is epically HIGHlarious.