September 3, 2010


I feel like a bad mother.

My Nikon D60 has been resting in one of the closet drawers for over a week now. And she still doesn’t have a lens-cap. I even got some dust residue on my fingers when I picked her up just recently. I guess if this blog could hang out in a drawer it would be pretty dusty too.

In short, student life in Hong Kong rocks.  An a la carte menu of courses in different disciplines, cheapest Starbucks in town, meeting new awesome people everyday, LKF, Wan Chai, shopping in Causeway Bay or Mong Kok (the former I might see less and less of as my ka-ching runs out), having oats for breakfast (I settle, I do) and basically just chilling. True, I’ve only had two days of lectures so I haven’t really savoured the dark side of university life, but I’ve had a scare or two already.

Having been out of school for the past 2 years kind of makes this a terrifying experience in a way, but all the more exciting. I never thought I’d use the words “fun” and “class” in the same sentence to describe my first lectures, but indeed they were. Getting through course selection (aka the choosing of meals of the à la carte menu) was a bit of an itch, and still pretty much is. But hey, if we wouldn’t be complaining about choices, we would be complaining about the lack of them.

I finally decided that I most probably will do Comparative Literature as my second major and to kick some psychology in my spare time (as I still need to brush up on my mind-reading). The decision is made, there is no turning back. Je ne regrette rien.

Oh, and in case you’re curious, here are my  ponderings for the next two semesters (as it seems now).


Academic English for Social Sciences (3 units, compulsory)
Principles of journalism and the news media (6 units, compulsory)
Statistics for journalists (6 units, compulsory)
Ways of reading: film, literature and culture (6 units, prerequisite course for second major)
Hong Kong cinema through a global lens (6 units, common core course)
Body, beauty and fashion (6 units, common core course)

Practical Chinese language course for social sciences students (3 units, compulsory)
Professional writing for the media (6 units, compulsory)
Economics for journalists (6 units, compulsory)
News reporting and writing (6 units, compulsory)
Ways of thinking about society and culture (6 units, pre-requisite course for second major)


August 26, 2010

wake up in the morning

looking out the window

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August 24, 2010

simple math

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And that is about as much math you’ll see me doing for the next few years. I still live solo in this little room of mine, but there is supposedly a fellow Sunnian arriving today. Or not. I wouldn’t mind having this space aaall tooo myyseeelf but was kind of looking forward to the whole college feeling of having a room mate and what not.

Ah well.

Got up around noon today and tried the shower in our hall. Not bad at all. Was keen on being a good girl and doing what is needed, but as I looked at my lovely view I realized someone was pissing on it. For two hours straight. Eventually took the bus (aka rollercoaster) to Wan Chai, had dinner at the good old Golden Arches where I chatted away with some business man and later on I made my way to Mong Kok, where I went mental. Bought a variety of hygienic products (Body Shop yaaay) as well as some nailpolish (I do think I might have an addiction) and finally some earphones to replace the shitty smashed iPod ones. Whaddya know, they’re pink.

Best (or at least most urgent) buy of the day goes to my new black Chloé look alike strappy wedges which will be worn tomorrow at the welcoming reception. I read something about robes being handed out and formal attire being worn. Shit sure will be interesting.

Excuse me as I choose what nailpolish to wear for tomorrow. Good night and good luck.

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August 24, 2010


1. A reminder of the time spent at Yaya tea & Coffee in Huadu, but in Shunde 2. Dessert can’t be anything other than 雙皮奶 in Shunde really… 3. Certainly nothing but a map of Guangdong.

It’s pouring down outside. I’ve survived my first thunderstorm in HK. It was pretty alright. Was skating with Charlie at the time, so didn’t really take that much notice of it, except for the occasional disco light in my face. And then I forgot I was hungry (thanks Charlie!), and woah, would you look at the time.

Anyway, I’m about to hit the sack, and tonight’s dream topic will probably be all sorts of food. Nomnomnom.

August 24, 2010

the electric motorbike diaries

A few more chirps from the back of an electric motorbike in Shunde.

1. The lovely Nicole preppin our fighter for the ride 2. Some housing in the hood 3. Behind those trees hide nice stuff 4. Entering Bei Jiao town to begin our quest for a nail salon 5. Leaving Bei Jiao town in the nick of time after the full mani-pedi 6. Chasin storms

August 23, 2010

chirp chirp

The Great Firewall doesn’t allow birds to tweet and blog. So here are some chirps from the past week in Mainland China.

1. Budweiser (!) Chinese lanterns hanging on the trees along the Pearl River 2. Favorite place to eat on Luju Lu 3. Best bar on Bai E Tan street, just because Rose loves me so.

It was strange going back there, to all those familiar places. Things were almost the same, apart from the huge building sites along the river (the area is getting a face-lift, just like many other places before the Asian Games) and of course the fact that it’s August 2010 and not F/W 2009.

I remember when Anja, Sigrid and I sat on little benches not too far from our favorite Tsingtao-selling lady. How Sigrid bought her beloved 60th Anniversary fan (against my will) on Luju Lu on October 1st. How a small group of us gathered to watch the lovely fireworks from the riverside and got covered in little black bits of paper. Smelling the streetfood and holding a gag. Coming back for New Year’s Eve and feeling the love in AMIGO from around 20 other TTCers. “Doing a Lucero” the next day. Coming back time and time again during January, establishing our own little “apartment” with Oley, Christina and Eva.

Shit. Changes.

August 16, 2010

well hello there

August 15, 2010

I’m in heaven

M&M heaven, to be precise. Almond, Dark chocolate, Crispy, Coconut, Orange crisp… Lovelovelovelovelove

August 15, 2010

stars and stalkers

1. Some lady introducing the Avenue of Stars 2. The view from Kowloon side over HK island 3. Creepy ginger dude who somehow managed to find me wherever I went and go “hellooo, how are you?” 4. Avenue of Stars

I managed to drag my lazy ass out of bed at 3PM today. No, I wasn’t hung over, because I didn’t hit the scene yesterday. I’m just still majorly jetlagged. So I’ve been out and about, walked along the Avenue of Stars, snapped some shots and went gaga for all the hella nice rides that cruise the streets of HK. (And yes mother, I did eat at some point too).

Note to self though. Don’t walk around smiling and looking like you’re enjoying yourself. You might just give some random ginger guy the wrong idea. I still don’t get how “Hello, how are you?” can be such a popular pick-up line amongst a particular group of men here… When does it ever work? This dude wouldn’t give up either. Thought I lost him about 3 times or so, but he just kept popping up next to me just as if he had spies all over the place reporting directly to him. Luckily, he didn’t seem to be the kind of guy to enjoy culture, as I finally got rid of him when walking through the Museum halls. Gah.

Planning on setting my times straight today, so bed in no more than 90min. BOOM.

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August 13, 2010

Touchdown HK

1. View from plane Moscow-Hong Kong 2. View over Hong Kong as we laaaand 3. Gucci scrapin that sky

I’m alive. Feeling right at home. For your information. Good night and good luck.