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May 17, 2010

mein liebe hair

I’m slightly obsessed with my hair. Ever since I first chopped my long hair for a Halloween party with FAME as a theme in 2007 (I was supposed to do Rihanna from the Umbrella video) it’s just gotten shorter and shorter. I’ve had all sorts of short hairstyles by now. Page, bob, asymmetrical page, asymmetrical bob, undercut, hawkie, shroom and then some. I just have an obsession with going to the hairdresser and feeling like a bran new person every time I come out of there. I just haven’t shaved it all off yet. Which I won’t. I think.

Anyway. Yesterday I went to my personal maintenance hairdresser (my cousin Ivonne) to trim it up. I’m currently sporting 5mm short sides and my longest strand of hair (strategically placed at the top of my head) is possibly around 15cm long. I’m doing another version of the hawkie. I’m taking it one step further than the undercut.


Screw Cassie and Alice Dellal. Actually, no, I adore Dellal, she works this look. But I’m planning to channel Sonya Tayeh. Kind of.


So my hair has an aim, and will hopefully stick with it ’til it’s achieved. I’ll keep you posted with the developments.

How important is hair to you?