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May 24, 2010

carnival colors

As soothing as that may have been, 3 fucking hours to go through pictures and delete/crop/edit them is way too long for voluntary work. No place more comfortable for this than my lovely persian rug lying on the – you guessed it – floor. Meanwhile, this damn Devil’s cake managed to make its way to my tummy, and brought along a whole lot of milk with it. I feel violated.

Anyway. Enjoy a taste of my favorite part of carnivals…. COLOR.

As for my chopped up clothes and the intention of remaking the Max Azria piece, I had a flashback. 2004, crafts class, elementary school. Took a whole semester to make a pattern for a strapless dress and another semester to actually not make the dress. I blame the spinning chairs though, and not my ADD light…

In other words, I came to my senses.

May 22, 2010

impossible is nothing

Simply because I just found my camera charger. WHOOPIEDOO! Also, it was pretty much in the ‘nick of time as I will be covering the Copenhagen Carnival all day tomorrow, from the very colorful train on Strøget in the morning to the gracious performances in Fælledparken in the evening. I’ll just be a very professional-looking people watcher. A very pleased one too, as I’m going on my first proper photo spree for this summer. No more worrying about insufficient batteries. It might amaze and astound you that I managed to forget the charger at the very bottom of my China-backpack for almost four months now. Such confusion is totally unlike me…

Doesn’t matter. Nikki and I will now be reunited once again. The perfect finish to an imperfect summer day. I am indeed ridiculously happy at the moment. I even have this uncanny grin plastered on my face. But then that might also be partly due to my very conscious will to fall asleep on the floor…Ah, sleep.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be just across that bridge.