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August 24, 2010

simple math

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And that is about as much math you’ll see me doing for the next few years. I still live solo in this little room of mine, but there is supposedly a fellow Sunnian arriving today. Or not. I wouldn’t mind having this space aaall tooo myyseeelf but was kind of looking forward to the whole college feeling of having a room mate and what not.

Ah well.

Got up around noon today and tried the shower in our hall. Not bad at all. Was keen on being a good girl and doing what is needed, but as I looked at my lovely view I realized someone was pissing on it. For two hours straight. Eventually took the bus (aka rollercoaster) to Wan Chai, had dinner at the good old Golden Arches where I chatted away with some business man and later on I made my way to Mong Kok, where I went mental. Bought a variety of hygienic products (Body Shop yaaay) as well as some nailpolish (I do think I might have an addiction) and finally some earphones to replace the shitty smashed iPod ones. Whaddya know, they’re pink.

Best (or at least most urgent) buy of the day goes to my new black Chloé look alike strappy wedges which will be worn tomorrow at the welcoming reception. I read something about robes being handed out and formal attire being worn. Shit sure will be interesting.

Excuse me as I choose what nailpolish to wear for tomorrow. Good night and good luck.

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August 6, 2010

I’m coming home again

Trainrides make me nostalgic. You know, when you’re sitting in the window seat, looking out on all the scenery passing you by. You remember all the things, the people and the memories that did the same throughout your life. You rush through it all, because you’re heading somewhere, because you have a destination.

I miss not having a destination. Just living for the moment, feeling every bit of it all the way from my head to my toes through my heart and my gut. Stopping still, inhaling, exhaling, looking, closing your eyes. Doing this today, perhaps doing it tomorrow again, or doing something completely different. Never being bored by anything else than own free will, constantly on the move, or just standing still, not asking questions, not being asked, just talking, laughing, listening, learning, loving, living.

But sometimes, sometimes destinations are good. They pull you forward, they can grant you purpose, they give you that kick in the bum you need. They get you where you want to be, where you want to see, smell, hear, taste, feel. A new place, an old place, a familiar place, a loved place.

Choose your destination, choose it wisely. Don’t be pushed by your problems, be lead by your dreams. Love it and you will live it.

I’m coming home now. And I’m living home to the fullest until it’s time to sit on yet another one of these nostalgic rides towards my new home.


I’m sitting on a train, just sitting on a train. What a glorious feeling, I’m heading home again.

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May 14, 2010

a high five and a falafel

might be just what you get when you come to my hometown Malmö.

Yes, mimes are up there with clowns and very small spaces with four walls when it comes to my fears. It was deeply disturbing for me to watch this video. But Timbuktu still says it’s “Somebody else’s problem” (Nån annans problem).

Hey, thanks for the coffee.

and now we’re off to Malmö, we’re off to Malmöööööö.