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August 24, 2010

the electric motorbike diaries

A few more chirps from the back of an electric motorbike in Shunde.

1. The lovely Nicole preppin our fighter for the ride 2. Some housing in the hood 3. Behind those trees hide nice stuff 4. Entering Bei Jiao town to begin our quest for a nail salon 5. Leaving Bei Jiao town in the nick of time after the full mani-pedi 6. Chasin storms

June 7, 2010

summer break

It’s funny how this was the weather yesterday. Lovely, sunny and warm. Today, it’s been pissing down since 5am or so. I know this because an old lady on the train told me. We bonded after I found a 50DKK-bill underneath her chair. It led to your usual talk about weather and stuff. AND I got to keep the fifty.

Still. It’s kind of summer. Except it’s raining. And I’m going to hang out at the University an awful lot listening to two confused (and confusing) ladies ramble on about fashion, luxury and the magic of consumption. So it’s summer break.

Summer is taking a break, that is.

June 6, 2010

summer models

I figured I should get better at shooting people.

With a camera. Perhaps on drive bys. Who knows. They say practise make perfect. Kind of prepping for the BIG ONE. Have been asked to do the photography at a relative’s wedding end of July. I’ve never done such things before. Am kind of shit nervous about it. So I’ve selected some individuals I will be pestering before that.

They don’t really know it yet. Except for Da Vinci. He senses these things.

May 22, 2010

impossible is nothing

Simply because I just found my camera charger. WHOOPIEDOO! Also, it was pretty much in the ‘nick of time as I will be covering the Copenhagen Carnival all day tomorrow, from the very colorful train on Strøget in the morning to the gracious performances in Fælledparken in the evening. I’ll just be a very professional-looking people watcher. A very pleased one too, as I’m going on my first proper photo spree for this summer. No more worrying about insufficient batteries. It might amaze and astound you that I managed to forget the charger at the very bottom of my China-backpack for almost four months now. Such confusion is totally unlike me…

Doesn’t matter. Nikki and I will now be reunited once again. The perfect finish to an imperfect summer day. I am indeed ridiculously happy at the moment. I even have this uncanny grin plastered on my face. But then that might also be partly due to my very conscious will to fall asleep on the floor…Ah, sleep.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be just across that bridge.

May 21, 2010

who the fuck is alice

Just spent a chillaxed couple of hours by the ocean snapping some pictures with someone other than my Nikki, due to her present state of complete, uhm… deadness? My not so imaginary friend was kind enough to share her bb and thanks to this little excursion we found – you might’ve guessed it – Alice.

Familiarizing myself with Alice, captured by Sibel

The explanation is simple. Being the ingenious person that I am, as I climbed up on the ridiculously tall and unstable bench my thoughts went to the good old Disney character (or modern Tim Burton, whatever) and voilà.
So Alice is a bench in real life, just so you know.

Oh, and it’s nice to finally feel like summer really is around the corner. Joyous June and July, I eagerly await thee.

March 19, 2010

Eat, pray, love

Or in one word: Live.