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May 24, 2010

lazy mondays

I was supposed to do 10k on my bike today. And call to reschedule my doctor’s appointment. And go to the library. And do a an hour at the gym. And then have two showers (one before entering the sauna and a quickie after). Then I was supposed to finish the day with a cup of double mocca latte with hazelnut or caramel syrup (it’s always such a difficult choice to make). Hey, I exercise to be able to reward myself.

However, I wasn’t supposed to watch tv-series for several hours straight. Or spend too much time on facebook tagging people and accepting friend requests from almost-strangers. Or upload pictures to my Flickr-account. Or devour 200g of candy and a smaller bag of peanuts while watching the finale. You know what I mean.

In conclusion, productive things I’ve done today are narrowed down to; planning smaller events and get-togethers the next couple of weeks, having extremely realistic dreams about my future, watched an animated teddy do the Waka Waka quite a few times, somewhat made my peace with Lost and lost (ha!) a few pounds in muscle. Tomorrow will be interesting…

Now watch this teddy and tell me it isn’t just a liiiittle bit mesmerizing.

May 19, 2010

waka waka

So I did a variation of the waka waka yesterday. 55min of jumping up and down, throwing my arms around and shaking my tushy was quite exhausting to say the least. Still, I managed to squeeze in an hour of yoga between the hard-core activity and my collapsing onto my cosy bed at a decent hour. I deserve a pat on the shoulder.

Here are some kids that deserve more than that.

I think I just got served.