What’s cooking, good looking?

I’m a person with great visions. Sort of. I’m the kind of person that drifts away into her own thoughts pretty often, dreaming about a future that has yet to become realistic. But, as Nike taught me well, I do believe that impossible is nothing (wait, or was that Adidas?)

Thus, I do have some things cooking in the pot. Whether they get spoiled or cooked to perfection, is yet to be discovered. It’s not smart to take risks, it’s stupid. Guess what DIESEL so wisely taught me? BE STUPID. And so…


. Take a gap year after graduating high school
. Work for sisters’ old boss at NETTO in Copenhagen for a year
. Sign up for 6 months’ teaching in China, for August 2009

. Arrive in Beijing 10 days before course starts and wander around alone
. Have a very intensive “thing” with a very chilled out dude
. “Intern” at a shady school in Shenzhen
. Get very wasted on a hilly bar street and dance on the streets of Hong Kong
. End a very intensive “thing” with very chilled out dude
. Quit the TTC-programme and wander off on my own in China
. Take it very easy at friends’ place in Zhongshan for too long
. Get a “job” at an “agency” doing “import/export” online
. Live with a confused Chinese girl, her ugly boyfriend and their creepy partner
. Get a teaching job of my own through another “agent”, and get screwed over
. Screw the agent over
. Work as a teacher getting properly paid as well as gaining good friends

. Quit and hit the road to discover China
. Go on a 3h bike ride in Yangshuo and suffer the consequences the following days
. Break a tooth and cancel Chinese New Year plans
. Apply for the Bachelor of Journalism program at the University of Hong Kong
. Hit home without any employment secured
. Attend a pretentious fashion party in Copenhagen
. Look for jobs half-heartedly in vain
. Get accepted to the Bachelor of Journalism programme at HKU
. Go back to China in April to have something to do until July CANCELLED
. Attend the Roskilde Festival and get dirrrrrty CANCELLED
. Take a Chinese summer course
. Do tipsy at least once a week all summer and sing Memories from the heart.
. Have the coolest Secret over for a visit :D
. Attend Danish TTC-reunion in Odense, Fyn
. Have yet another Asian themed going away party CANCELLED
. Be a photographer at auntie’s wedding July 31st
. Get accepted to Suen Chi Sun hall for accommodation the next two semesters.
. Touchdown in HK
. Hop off to Guangdong to visit many cool people.
. Pass my mandarin exam.
. Select courses for a sweet Schedule
. Get down with the Bachelor of Journalism September 2010
. Attend a Chinese wedding on September 12th
. Make amazingly cool friends
. Go somewhere for reading week (China, and more China)
. Go against your better judgment and get romantically involved with the Great Dane
. Nail some presentations
. Nail some final exams
. Spend 20th birthday with the Great Dane
. Spend Christmas with the Great Dane
. Sleep through New Year’s Eve
. Basically half-live in China because of your strange attachment to this “significant other”

. Start off a new semester with focus
. Have Great Dane be the sweetest Valentine evah, evah.
. Engage in a dramatic “divorce”, simply because you’re latina and just can’t resist
. Continue the new semester rather stupidly
. Spend night and day on campus “studying”, with small Lan Kwai Fong breaks
. Go off the rails, just a little bit.
. Win HKD10,000 thanks to “small” Lan Kwai Fong breaks
. Hit Beijing, hard
. Land an internship at >I Love LKF/I Love SoHo
. Hit Shanghai
. Engage in stupidity and debauchery over the free part of summer
. Calm the frick down and start internship June 13th
. Get fat doing office work and indulging in egg tarts on a daily basis
. Spend 24-oh-what-was-I-thinking-hours in Guangzhou day before departure home
. Hit home (Sweden), rather softly on July 31st
. Attend two pretentious fashion parties wearing killer (I’m not kidding) heels
. Take up nonsensical blogging again

. Indulge in mama’s cuisine WORK IN PROGRESS
. Eat at Tusen & 2 as much as humanly possible WORK IN PROGRESS
. Have partner in crime Victoria over for a visit
. Rejoice with great danes
. Hit London, the kuduro way



2 Comments to “What’s cooking, good looking?”

  1. I love this list!

  2. I love Mr HK!

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